And Moving On

We saw Julie along with the Occupational Therpaist, Sarah, at Therapy in Praxis today. She saw how well Mia is doing with her ‘b’ and ‘m’ and has given us some more stuff to work towards. We’re putting that lovely ‘m’ onto ‘me’ and ‘moo’! Also working on ‘Mia’ flowing rather than being ‘me….ah’. It’s lovely that she can now say her own name and it is recognisable though! We are introducing some vowel sounds now. Mia’s attempts are sounding better now her breath support has improved with the Talk Tools therapy.

I’m feeling very supported – like I know what we are doing and how to do it, and regular support and assessments mean we are moving along as quickly as possible.

I asked Julie about language targets, as we are doing well with the speech targets and I know what we are doing and can implement it. Julie said that the auditory memory games we are doing are the foundation of any further work on language, as she felt that the crux of Mia’s language problem is her auditory processing. It is about what Mia’s brain does with what she hears. The plasticity of the brain means that this can be improved and developed with repetition. This means Mia needs to do lots and lots of listening and processing of what she hears. This is where Fast ForWord comes in (see Therapy page on this site). Mia will sit at the computer (luckily she LOVES working at the computer!) with headphones on and play computer games that involve the need to listen and process what she hears. This is expected to have a big impact on Mia’s auditory processing. She will need to do it once or twice a day every day for sometime – repetition! It costs £95 to get her set up on Fast ForWord and then £180 every month for the support and monitoring as she moves along the programme. We are planning to get her started on it in the new year, once we get our house move (arrgggh!) and Christmas out of the way!

The work we are having at Therapy in Praxis, the speech therapy and Fast ForWord all together is very expensive. That is why all the generous help from our supporters is essential and greatly appreciated! Thank you – we couldn’t do it without you – you really are helping to give Mia a voice!

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