Speech therapy costs £50-70 per hour and Mia needs up to five sessions per week.  This will help her to develop speech, improve her ability to understand and use language, and use a communication aid to communicate until clear speech is achieved. How overjoyed I would be to see her talking to friends. It breaks my heart to see her approach children but experience such a huge communication barrier.

A full TalkTools kit costs £450. This will strengthen Mia’s muscles used in speech and help develop breath control to support speech.

FastForword has a £95 set up fee, then a £140 monthly subscription for monitoring and assessment. This is expected to help Mia’s auditory processing and language processing enormously.

All money raised goes to Tree of Hope Children’s Charity and our named therapy practices invoice Tree of Hope Childrens’ Charity direct. We do not have access to the funds.

Please help us to give Mia a voice before it is too late, by donating via the Just Giving page.