For A Unique Girl!

Hilary Gardner is the speech therapist who first saw Mia when she was 3. She says in 35 years of experience she has never seen a child with such severe Verbal Dyspraxia, yet so much potential. This is obviously complicated with the other issues of Speech and Language Impairment and Auditory Processing Disorder.  I remember her scouring the earth to find a similar case, asking colleagues around the world. Seems Mia is quite unique! Hence, why she needs an individually tailored programme. Hilary sent me a link about Speech Sounds on Cue today. I googled it to see how much! It’s on the wanted list.

There are a few things I want to get Mia started on as soon as possible. Speech Sounds on Cue (on the iPAd) to help Mia learn how to make sounds, and Fast ForWord (done with headphones on the computer) to help Mia’s auditory processing and language processing problems.  Mia loves working on the computer and iPad so this will be highly motivating and effective.

We have two people who have kindly offered to do personal challenges to raise money for us.

Carl Marsden is doing a ‘virtual’ trip to Rome and back!

Kirsty Roth is doing an insane 8.6km run in the freezing cold called the Zuricher Silvesterlauf! She is hoping to get some friends involved too!

We need to raise a lot of money in order to help Mia effectively, and soon. If you could consider doing a personal challenge of your own it would be really help us on our way! There are lots of options – for sporty folks there are:

  • runs- marathons e.g The Great North Run, your local sports club might agree to get involved and do something!
  •  rides – on bike, motorbike or horseback!
  •  challenging walks – e.g. The Three Peaks
  •  Sponsored swims

For the less energetic you could:

  • Organise a dinner party for friends and they pay you what they think the meal is worth (this works if you can cook!)
  • Ask friends and relatives to make donations instead of Christmas or birthday presents
  • If you are good at organising and have time on your hands, you could organise a fun event e.g. raffle, wine tasting, Christmas party

These are just a few ideas! Google ‘fundraising ideas’ for others. If you would like to help, contact me at And thank you to Carl and Kirsty – wishing you both the best of luck!


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