New Year, New Mia Emerging!

It’s been a while since I wrote here. We have moved house, right in the thick of Christmas and New Year.  Now I know why no one wants to move at that time of year! It was our first Christmas without my Mum, Mia’s Grandma, so it was a mixture of emotions for me. How pleased my Mum would be to see what is happening for Mia at the moment. I am working hard with her on her behaviour, comprehension, listening skills and speech. Mia is gradually becoming more settled with less tantrums. I think sometimes the walls of the house have shaken, and our new town know we have arrived, but things are improving! Mia will sometimes stop mid-rage and listen carefully to me as I try to explain something to her if things aren’t going her way or she can’t have what she wants. She cocks her head to the side a bit, and has a far away look in her eye as she works to process and understand what I mean – I am sure her listening and comprehension have improved as she will sometimes quit making a fuss and accept what I have said. With a pretty much non-verbal child it is so hard to grasp what they do and don’t understand! One never knows if she doesn’t get it or is being non-compliant/ not liking what she hears!!!!!!!! Not easy parenting territory!

So, we are still working on the ‘p’, ‘b’ and ‘m’ sounds. They have become fairly accurate and consistent – and consistency is a big, important and NEW thing! The building blocks to forming words – getting more consistency and accuracy in individual sounds. Now we are adding some vowels onto the consonants to make consonant- vowel words like ‘moo’, ‘me’, ‘more’ and ‘boo’, ‘bee’. As Mia finds putting an unvoiced ‘p’ in front of a voiced vowel e.g. in ‘poo’ ( a favourite word for all children!!!) the speech therapist has suggested we use a ‘s’ as this is an easier transition. An unvoiced ‘s’ in front of a voiced vowel is, apparently, easier. We are doing ‘see’ and ‘saw’. I did try a few ‘poo’s today just to see, and she did manage one or two! We now have Mia saying some words with a reasonable level of accuracy. I think another person would understand the word if they heard her say it! Often she will try and say a word to someone, and I know from the approximation what she is saying, but someone else wouldn’t have a clue.

We are also working on a small collection of sounds (9) on picture cards with variations on a theme e.g. an unvoiced ‘ha ha ha’ sounding like a dog panting, and a ‘ha ha’ that is voiced such as you might say if someone got a cream pie in the face! Also an ‘ahhh’ that you might say at the dentist and an apprecative ‘ahh’ that you might say watching a stunning firework display. We have been plugging away at them everyday for some weeks, and now have some voice control – changes in pitch and intonation! VERY exciting! Mia is learning to vary her voice a little as we all do in conversation, and also turn her voice off and on whilst expelling air to speak. Most of learn all this stuff automatically, pretty amazing when you really think about it! For Mia this is very, very hard – but she will get there!

Things are moving forward, Mia is more smiley and happy – we are all feeling positive about the year ahead and I am overjoyed that we have a programme in place and a team of good people to provide Mia with effective help to overcome her problems. Lots of work to do this year but it’s worth it because it is WORKING! Thanks to all of you who have helped us get thus far!





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