Well, today we went to our weekly speech and language therapy appointment. We had a week of working on ‘p’, ‘b’ and ‘m’. So, the verdict was ‘p’  and ‘b’ were better, but the ‘m’ was still being produced with the lower jaw stuck forward and more like a strange ‘brr’. That would make sense as I struggled to help Mia with the ‘m’, not being sure when stuck in the heat of the moment without the expertise just what I was supposed to be doing. Now I do know what I am doing with the ‘m’ and I  hope next week Hannah will see Mia has made progress there too. Mia’s bubble and harmonica blowing seems to have strengthened her a little too. Homework for next week is working on retaining directions to get Mia working her brain in that area. For example asking Mia to do a small list of 2/ 3 things such as give me a blue, green and red ball to see if she can retain all the words I have said and follow the directions.

These tiny steps are miniscule in the grand scheme of things, but after years of seeing improvements over (sometimes many) months to see small improvements over a week is monumentally encouraging for us. Mia is a long way off being able to speak effectively, but we are moving in the right direction with a strong, organised and strategic plan! But it all costs a lot of money, I do hope we can raise the funds we need to keep up with it.

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2 comments on “Progress
  1. Jackie says:

    I’m thrilled that you are now making progress. Just remember that every tiny step over a period of time joins up to cover a huge space. Can I just ask,does Mia have a statement of Special Educational Need? I’m Deirdre’s friend Jackie. If you haven’t please make contact with us as my husband will guide you through the process. If you have and you’re not getting the provision Mia needs he will help you with that. I’m willing Mia every step of the way and following her progress with interest. When we get back from our next trip to NZ in 2 weeks I’ll have a go at zipping it myself. Unfortunately I may not have a lot of success as Deirdre will confirm.
    Kindest Regards
    Jackie Cox

    • nibby says:

      Hi Jackie – thank you for volunteering to Zip It For Mia! I know tiny steps cover a huge space – at 3 Mia had no sounds at all, so compared to that she has come a long way. But we do need to step things up now, or we risk her reaching a plateau in development before she has filled her potential to have effective speech. Hope you enjoy your trip!

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