Protocol for Zip It For Mia

A big thank you to everyone who is zipping it for us! We really appreciate your support. Some of you have already done your silence, some not yet. I have spoken to tree of Hope Children’s Charity about handling the money raised. I thought we could pay it direct into the Justgiving account at a bank, or that people could pay into the Justgiving account from their bank accounts. The former isn’t possible, the latter looks a bit dodgy should anyone be checking on things!

I know we are all trustworthy, but to ensure that we follow good practice to avoid any questions, here is what we need to do:

  • Collect your sponsor money
  • Put the sum total of money collected at the bottom of your sponsor form
  • Have yourself and a witness who has seen the money that has been collected and counted sign the sponsor form next to the sum total
  • Send me your sponsor form (so I can forward it to Tree of Hope who will sort out the Gift Aid) – email me at for my address
  • Pay all the money direct into Tree of Hope Children’s Charity bank account at HSBC – email me for bank account details

I hope this all makes sense! It’s a bit more complicated than I had planned. Sorry for any inconvenience, do email me if you have any questions.

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