Retaining Auditory Information

As far as the title is concerned, I don’t know the technical term that a Speech and Language Therapist would use! This week we have started Mia working on listening to simple directions, starting with one and slowly increasing it. Her clever Daddy has rustled up a basic computer ‘game’ with a grid of colours. An ear appears when Mia needs to listen to a colour, and is replaced by the grid of colours so Mia can click on the colour she heard. As she gets them correct the game slowly increases the number of colours she hears. For example, the ear appears and a voice says “green, blue”. The colour grid appears and Mia has to click on green then blue. The game keeps score of correct answers. Mia can do this until there are more than 3 colours. Her 3 year old brother pipes up with “It was red, brown, green, blue”!

Luckily the plasticity of the brain means we can improve on this with consistent work. We have done this sort of work before, but encountered behavioural problems – Mia didn’t find it fun or motivating! Mia is very computer motivated so she enjoys doing ‘work’ at the PC and doesn’t see it as a chore. Therapy needs to be child centred and fun to get the best out of it, so we are finding ways to tailor it personally to Mia. Fortunate she likes computers and her Daddy is an IT genius!

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