Small Steps and Big Steps

I have been a little quiet – looking for a new house to rent as we have to move on. That’s the trouble with renting – no control over your destiny! You never know when the landlord might want it for something. I haven’t slacked off with our programme, though. Today we saw Hannah, one of our speech and language therapists. She reported a huge improvement in Mia’s breath control . All that tooting and blowing on horns, whistles and bubbles is paying off! We use a long, controlled outbreath to speak so this is paramount to progressing with speech.

Mia’s ‘p’ sound is almost consistently unvoiced and sounding clearer due to the stronger breath control. Good news. Her ‘m’ is still a bit iffy. Not really expiring through the nose yet, so more like a ‘brr’. We have moved onto the next straw up in the hierarchy which is harder to suck water through than the previous one, it should strengthen Mia’s lip closure which should help her ‘m’.

Hannah didn’t see the ‘b’ but I know it is coming. Not there yet though.Mia finds it hard so I’m trying to get her making attempts little and often. Fine balance between annoying her and putting her off, and asking for that little bit more effort!

Hannah uses a computer game that shows 8 different pictures, and speaks a list of 4. Mia has to listen to what they are and click on the four items. Previously her limit was 3, and the level with 4 was too hard. Today she was (mostly) able to listen and remember 4. Good work Mia!

All moving in the right direction!

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One comment on “Small Steps and Big Steps
  1. Kate says:

    Excellent progress Nibby. Long way to go but great to hear the therapy is doing good :-)

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