Still on with the same old!

Mia is doing so well. It might seem in some ways as if we are not moving on – we are still on the ‘p’, ‘b’ and ‘m’ sounds. I am working on them individually still to maintain the level of accuracy we have achieved, but we are also doing some consonant vowel words (CV) and even a CVCV – ‘Mummy’! I work on ‘Mia’ as she finds it hard to maintain the outbreath and tends to break it into two ‘me’ and ‘a’ with a gap. And it will be cool for her to be able to say her own name ‘normally’!

I have also started reading with Mia. She has been doing an online reading programme called Reading Eggs for sometime now. It doesn’t require her to be able to read out loud, which was of course going to be an issue! However, I started some of the Biff and Chip books that they do in school. They may seem a little dull to some, but they are repetitive, which is great if you are wanting to repeat practising the same words over and over. We have also been honing our ‘c’ sound – which came remarkably easily in a session with Hannah and has just stuck : ) Some of the words in the books like ‘Kipper’ and even ‘took’ have had a lovely ‘c’. The fact that Mia is trying to read every word, some of them understandable, but often with the wrong consonant at the end e.g. a ‘c’ instead of a ‘d’, is somewhat of a miracle. I feel a little as if I can’t accept it is really happening after all we have been through!

We have been working on ‘yes’ and ‘no’ and Mia has already turned it into a ‘yeah’ lol! It is lovely to ask a question and have a verbal answer! With intonation too! We go Musical Talkers which is run by our speech therapy practise on a Saturday. It is singing and playing with simple percussion instruments. Mia’s Daddy has been amazed at the difference it has made – Mia is making much more effort to talk with confidence, intonation is really coming on and best of all Mia LOVES it! She now has changes in pitch and will attempt to sing along with us! In fact, I videoed Mia singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star on my phone to show Hannah, and as I was playing it to Hannah during our speech therapy session Mia started singing along – who would have thought?! There is a evidence to show that the rhythm and pitch changes in music and song can help children like Mia – speech is partly about rhythm and pitch too! And the results speak for themselves!

The other day Mia was screeching in a way that she has developed for even a tiny bit of pain or discomfort. I said ‘We say “Ow!” when we hurt ourselves and modelled it, pretending rather dramatically to have hurt my leg. I forgot about it. Tonight Mia showed me a sore toe. I put cream on it, and she walked around saying what was clearly an ‘ow’ – and rather enjoying it she was too!!

Her difficulty is still so pronounced, and I waver from ‘Wow – isn’t this amazing – she is doing so well!’ to ‘Is she ever going to be able to talk?!’. So I must remind myself how far she has come since we started working with The Talking House in just a few months. I am hoping if we can have more of Julie Anstey and her PROMPT technique, maybe a small batch or block of sessions, every now and again to top us up, she will really come on in leaps and bounds.

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6 comments on “Still on with the same old!
  1. Anne says:

    I am USA mom with a child with apraxia, aud proc disorder plus more.. Wishing for Mia the best

    mum to Liam

    • nibby says:

      Hi Anne – thanks for your post. I am planning to add a new page on which others can share their stories, and also advice, tips and resources that have worked for them. It’s nice to have contact from and read about others in the same boat : )

  2. Cammie says:

    Hi! I am also a US mom with a daughter with speech apraxia. We have our daughter in a private school that specifically deals with Auditory Processing and Speech and Language Disorders. They use sign language and speech at the same time to help connect things more permanently in the brain. The activity while learning has helped a great deal. If you don’t mind could you tell me how you are feeling about the FastForword (is that how it’s spelled?) is working for you and what you think of it? This is the first time I have heard of it. Thank you! You are not alone!

    • nibby says:

      Hi Cammie! That school sounds amazing! We use a lot of sign too, and I am using a symbol programme called Widget to help with education and language development. We are just getting set up with an AAC aid. We have been using Fast ForWord since February time, but we are having some problems with it. One is that it is of US origing, and you have some different vocabulary to us which is confusing! A ‘buck’ is a male deer for example, not money! A ‘tub’ is a container, not a bath! There are other issues too. I think they may be specific to Mia, and may be linked to her inability to click quickly enough on the mouse to give a ‘correct’ response, which may be down to the apraxia affecting her reaction speeds. I do know that therapists here have used it for children with APD and language problems to great effect, and have been pleased with the results, but I would recommend try before you buy! You pay a license fee, then a monthly fee for use and support. It is all done online. We had weekly updates on progress etc. Our provider was a bit of a mistake, as we did not have the opportunity to see if Mia could do the games first and ended up paying a license fee and 3 months worth of FFW use to no effect, and we have since stopped participating. You need to find a knowledgeable provider, preferably with a Speech and Language background, ideally a SaLT. We are currently looking into other options, but I haven’t updated my webpage yet! Thanks for the wave of support from across the ocean!

  3. Please read the article “Morning of a Successful Communicator” on my site,

    I would start your daughter on Picture Exchange Communucation System (PECS) immediately. Use my email address, contact me, my daughter is 20 and non-vocal but she can communicate successfully because we have provided her with the tools. You can do it too.

    • nibby says:

      Hi Joseph! Thank you very much for the link. We have used PECS in the past, but we are focusing now on sign and using an AAC aid. I am just playing catch up and will look at that article! It is always nice to hear from other parents and to know how they have coped and what works for them. I will email you in due course (a big back log of stuff to do!), I am interested to know your story! Thank you.

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