What a Lovely Bedtime!

It’s been so long since I wrote here and so much to say! The technical stuff first! We have moved on from the consonant vowel (still practising though!) to vowel consonant in the hope that this will help discipline Mia into adding consonants to the end of her word approximations (attempts at words).  All that work on the ‘p’ sound has led to her putting a most beautiful ‘p’ on the end of ‘sheep’ and ‘up.

Mia stays up a little bit later than her brothers, she is older and it is a nice chance to have some 1-1 with her without distractions. Tonight she did some Reading Eggs (an online reading programme). I sat with her and was pleased to see she is progressing – she was able to read two simple sentences and click on the picture they described which surprised me! I took her up for story and bed. She helped me read the story, although she probably knows it off by heart. She is saying the words out loud. They were not totally clear and you probably wouldn’t know what she was saying if you heard her, but the breath support meant the words were well voiced. They had the correct number of syllables too! She was going for it and confidently trying – fills me with joy!

After Mia’s story I plucked out a few sheets with pictures on. I think they are called a sound ladder or something like that. Basically, a ‘tie’ and a ‘pie’ repeating over and over from the top of an A4 page to the bottom. So Mia is saying ‘tie’ ‘pie’ repeatedly. There is ‘knee’, ‘pea’, ‘tea’, ‘bee’, ‘key’ too but I missed of the ‘key’ as it was coming out ‘tea’. I think you would understand all of the attempts she made at these words. Loud too! I get them out every so often just to see – like a benchmark! And progress has been made! OH and the ‘pea’ had a clear ‘p’ which was decipherable from the ‘bee’ which is a big deal indeed!

It’s been such a lovely, positive evening and I am feeling like Mia is actually starting to talk! So much work to do, no time to rest on our laurels for a long while, but my goodness is she doing so well and trying so hard. So nice to see things happening at last! Thanks to all our supporters! I am a happy Mummy this evening : )

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One comment on “What a Lovely Bedtime!
  1. Aunty Cake says:

    So lovely to hear the progress she’s making. The therapy and your hard work is paying off :-)

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