Zip It For Mia

We are organising a sponsored silence as our first fundraising initiative. It seemed quite appropriate as Mia cannot talk! Find out how hard it is to not be able to talk to anyone…….. Can you Zip It For Mia? Can you persuade your family and friends to join us too? Help us spread the word for a mass Zip It!

Email me at for a sponsorship form (or download it here) and join us on Sunday 18th November in a sponsored silence. Or if that’s not a good date for you, you could set your own date in 2012. Zip It For Mia for a day if you dare, half a day – or whatever works for you. Maybe children could do hours or even minutes!

I have volunteered Ciaran, Mia’s daddy, as our family’s designated Zip It Upper as I am Mia’s main carer! Hmmm this could be fun!

Downloadable flyers for printing, in PDF format:


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